Friday, December 31, 2010

Jordan is Palestine

In reality the Ottoman Province of Palestine was divided three times between the end of WWI and 1948. In 1923, Churchill gave the land east of the Jordan River to Emir Abdullah of the Hashemite Tribe, to reward him for the Hashemite support of Britain during WWI. In 1948, Britain had lost control of what was left of "Palestine" and threw the question to the UN. The UN voted to divide the remainder of Palestine AGAIN; the result was two states - one Jewish and one Arab. (The Arabs refused to accept this division, and Abdullah saw opportunities to enlarge his own state.)

After the Israeli War of Independence, Abdullah, who had then declared himself King of Jordan, welcomed displaced Palestinians to solidify his claim to the West Bank as part of Jordan and to retain control of Jerusalem.

After the British Mandate in the Middle East came to an end an injustice occurred, the territory of the mandate Divided in an unjust manner, and external factors claimed ownership of part of the territory.

Hashemite Kingdom established a dictatorial monarchy and continues to exist Forcing itself on 70% of Palestinian citizens. They do not enjoy equal rights and in fact Prevents them from establishing their state.

Although most of Jordan's population today is Palestinian (about 70%, since the '50s of the 20th century) there is a dispute about being a Palestinian state. Hashemite royal family established the Jordan (20s of the 20th century), which dominates to this day, not Palestinian, Jordanian kingdom does not see itself as a Palestinian state.

Certain periods even deeper disputes arose between the Hashemite royal family and the Jordanian citizens Bedouin Palestinian population in Jordan. However, Jordan is the only Arab country that gave full citizenship to most Palestinian refugees from its territory following Israel's War of Independence. On 26 December 1981, King Hussein declared in an interview with the Arab newspaper "A - Nahar Al - Arabi, that" truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.

However, the current king of Jordan, Abdullah II (son of King Hussein), declared in a speech in June 2006, following his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that "Jordan will never be an alternative homeland to anyone, the Palestinian homeland and their state should be on the ground Palestinian and elsewhere.

Shalom/ Salaam/ Peace

Join Us As We Declare Jordan the new Palestinian State On This Day, May 9, 2011, (5 Iyar 5771), 63 years to the day, that Israel became the Jewish State. Israel Independence Day and Now The First Jordanian Palestine Independence Day As Well.'Two States Side By Side Living In Peace.'
Mazel Tov.

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