About Us

Speedy Media is a none profit digital videos editing company that was founded in 2006. We started the company with videos about Israel, Judaism, Islam and the Middle East Conflict.

As our viewers list grew, we expanded our services in order to provide videos of all topics and categories, including, love, animals, and Israeli music videos.

Our goal is to make various exposes in our videos about Israel, Islam and the Middle East Conflict, as well as introducing Judaism and Israeli music.

Our viewer relationships grow beyond one service or one task, because we seek to know and understand our viewers and their point of view/opinion. We know no two videos are alike. By building strong relationships, we are able to offer knowledge and information through our videos.

Speedy Media's producing videos of history's facts, so, we are sorry for offending anyone or anybody who read or commented on our videos, posts, etc.

Enjoy watching!

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