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Middle East Islam & Terrorism
Pallywood (45 min')
Palestinian journalists in order to present the Palestinians as hapless victims of "Israeli aggression."
The Third Jihad (1:02:00 min')

A must-see video clip from a new documentary on the cultural jihad already taking place in America.
What Really Happened in the Middle East (10 min')
The Terrorism Awareness Project has released a powerful documentary about the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Radical Islam: Terror In Its Own Words
(40 min')

The warning is loud and clear: radical Islam wants to kill you. It's an hour every American must see.
Relentless - The Movie (1:02:00)
An eye-opening documentary which unravels the myths, and exposes the obstacles to achieving peace in the Middle East.
Fitna - The Movie (15 min')

Fitna is a 2008 short political film by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders with his view on the religion of the Islam.
The 50 Years War (2:25:58)

Go inside the half-century-old Arab-Israeli conflict to learn the history and politics behind the violence and the search for peace.
Killing Bin Laden - Discovery Channel (43:35 min')

Go behind closed doors with the elite forces that brought down Osama Bin Laden.
Greatest Tank Battles - Golan Heights
(48 min')

History Channel Greatest Tank Battles, The Golan heights is about the Syrian - Israeli War in the 1970's
The Stoning of Soraya M (2:25 min')
Stranded in a remote Iranian village, a woman with a harrowing tale to tell about her niece, Soraya...
Iranium - The Movie (57 min')
Iran’s nuclear program presents a threat to international stability.
Radical Islam's War Against The West (1:05 hour) The threat of Radical Islam to Western civilization that traces the parallels between the Nazis of WW2, to the Radical Islamists of today.
Iran - Beyond Top Secret (44:33)

5 parts of the TV show "Iran - Beyond Top Secret", exposing the tactics of Iran on the way to achive nuclear bomb.
Jihad: According to the Quran and the Hadith (35 min')
The West is engaged in what has become known as “the war on terror." It seems like a noble endeavor.
Israel Islam and Armageddon (58:12 min')

The truth about the Palestinians, Israel, Zionism and Islam.
Islam: What the West Need to Know
(1:38 hours)

Virtually every western leader has expressed the view that Islam is a peaceful religion.
Hijacking the Holy Land (1:26:54)

'Hijacking the Holy Land' is a feature documentary that takes you behind the headlines and past the media bias against Israel.
Osama Bin Laden: In the Name of Allah (44:29 min')

The bloody life and times of the Saudi terrorist.
Column 1 Inside 9/11 - Zero Hour (1:44:54 hours)

Plans to attack the World Trade Center with hijacked passenger planes were found on a lap-top six years before the tragedy.
Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Column 2
Israel Judaism & Jerusalem
Israel: Defying All Odds (2 min')
Only 62 years old, 7 million people strong, and smaller in size than New Jersey, surrounded by enemies.
Who Owns Jerusalem (46 min')
One of the world's leading experts on Jerusalem, Dr. Jaques Gautier discusses his twenty-five years of study on the subject.
Israel - Birth of a Nation (90 min')

A documentary on the founding of Israel in 1948.
The Jews (7 min')
The Jews‎‎ (Yehudim), also known as the Jewish people, are a nation originating in the Israelites or Hebrews.
History of Mossad (55 min')
A brief history of Mossad's formation, operations, and more.
Gog U-Magog (48 min')
An amazing spiritual experience prepared by internationally acclaimed kabalists and produced by...
IDF Around the World (6 min')
Ever when disaster occur Israel responds with rescue and emergency teams.
The Zero Hour (55:50 min')

Historical movie deeply rooted in Biblical sources about the establishment of the State of Israel and of the powerful forces of Yishmael and Edom.
IDF's Special Forces (45 min')
Israel has 40 Special Forces units! Great movie that expose few of them and their weaponry
The Gifts of the Jews (56:00 min')
With the destruction of the Temple, the Romans have destroyed the only place on earth, according to Biblical Law, where Jews can worship God.
Israel's Air Force (55 min')

Great doc' movie of the Israeli Air Force from its born in 1948.
The End Of The World Prophecy (1:38:50)

The world is changing. It is coming to an end as we know it. Captivating video about the end of days.
FutureWeapons - Israel Special - Part 1 (45 min')

FutureWeapons travels to the Middle East to uncover the cutting-edge weapons under design for the Israeli Defense Forces.
Jewish Documentary - The Dawn of the Century (1:07:09)

Faith and Fate is a documentary telling the story of the Jews in the 20th Century.
FutureWeapons - Israel Special - Part 2 (36 min')

FutureWeapons returns to the Middle East for more of the latest weapons being designed by the Israeli armed forces.
Column 2
Top Elite World Cops - Israeli YAMAM (34:17 min')
Israeli YAMAM Wins International Counter-Terror Competition at 2010 In a highly under-reported win, Israel’s Police Counter-Terror force.
Column 2
IDF Operation in Lebanon (25:27 min')

IDF Soldiers operating in Lebanon hunting Hezbollah (Hizbullah) terrorists.
Column 2
Israel Air Force - Dogfights Of The Middle East (45:06)

The Israeli Air Force soars into combat over the tombs of the Pharaohs in the 1967 Six Day War.
Column 2
Israel Air Force Dogfights - Desert Aces (44:58)

In order to survive, Israel puts ahead of itself an unconditional goal of ruling the skies in every war. Only the very best are picked to be pilots in the Israeli Air Force.
Column 2
(58:24) כשלקחו את גלעד
לראשונה בסרט מרגש ומטלטל חוזר אמנון לוי לנקודה בה התרחש הקרב הגורלי בו נפל גלעד שליט בשבי
Column 2
Israel - A Journey Through Time (4:29:34)

Join host, Rev. Dr. John Tweedie in the Holy Land as he opens his Bible to explore Israel - past, present and prophetic.
Column 2
History Channel Battlefield Detectives - Israel's Six Day War

History Channel's Battlefield Detectives series explores a 1967 conflict between Israeli army and the combined forces of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.
Column 2
Greatest Tank Battles - The Six Day War: Battle for the Sinai (44 min')

This is the story of one of the swiftest and most dramatic victories in modern warfare.
Column 2
Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Column 2
Mix Topics Mix Topics
9/11 Science & Conspiracy (90 min')

Here is National Geographic 9-11 Science and Conspiracy video. The documentary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks proves the false conspiracy theories.
Scientific Proof of God (59:45 min')

In this documentary you will find scientific proof God exists. This movie will fascinate you with the wonders of creation.
Hitler - Mein Kampf (1:36:27)

Documentary Mein Kampf by Erwin Leiser showing the early life of Hitler and his rise to power, as long as the holocaust and the WW2.
Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii (1:01 hours)

Pink Floyd - Live at Pompei - original concert full version
Column 1 Pink Floyd - The Wall (1:35:09)

Full Version
Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Column 2

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