Friday, January 7, 2011

Blame the Jews?

Blame the Jews?

Some Americans apparently believe that we are going to war with Iraq "because of the Jews."

Tens of millions of European Christians once believed – and tens of millions of Muslims believe today – that Jews kidnap and slaughter non-Jewish children before Passover to use their blood for baking matzo.

Vast numbers of Europeans believed that Jews caused the Plague.

Much of France believed that the near-bankruptcy brought on by its failure to build the Panama Canal was caused by the Jews.

The great majority of Arabs and Nazis believe that Jews knew about the 9-11 attacks on the WTC and that 4,000 Jews who worked there stayed home that day. They are also believe it was "Mossad Job"

The great majority of Arabs and tens of millions of Muslims believe that the Jews (i.e., Israel) are responsible for the: poverty, tyranny, absence of freedom and brutality that pervade the Arab world.

Million people believe that "Jews control the Media"

Million people believe that "Jews control the economy of the world"

Million low life people decided to blame the Jews for their problems, just as the Germans blamed Jews for their problems

Many groups have been hated in history, but their haters never made up as many lies – let alone such grandiose lies – as have Jews' enemies.

No group in the world has been the target of nearly as many twisted and ludicrous accusations.

All I can do is marvel at the durability of anti-Semitism and the eternality of the charge that the Jews are responsible for everything...

You will might be amazed from this latest libel of "Israeli's steling Palestinian organs– if only to understand anti-Semitism and the enormous role it plays in the world.

Ya know,anti-Semites fear.


Let's get this right...

Jewish Control:

Jews control the economy.

Jews control the media.

Jews control the U.S

Jews control the banking

Jews control the stock market

Jews control the entertainment industry

And it's go on and on and on...

Jews are responsible:

Jews/Zionists are responsible for all the wars in the world

Jews/Zionists are responsible for 9/11

Jews/Zionists are responsible for the Jesus's Death

Jews/Zionists are responsible for the Holocaust

Jews/Zionists are responsible for the economic collapse

Jews/Zionists are responsible for Communism

Oh yes, and the Jews are responsible for the "Global Warming, the tsunami in Thailand and the earthquake in Haiti...

And what about Islamic Terrorism?

Yeah, tell me about it, Jews are also responsible for the global terrorism, Israel is a terrorist state:

Islamic terrorism in Israel is the fault of the Jews

Islamic terrorism in India is the fault of the Hind-Jews?

Islamic terrorism in Spain is the fault of the Hispani-Jews?

Islamic terrorism in the Phillipines is the fault of the Filipi-Jews?

Islamic terrorism in Russia is the fault of the Cossak-Jews?

Islamic terrorism in Serbia is the fault of the Slavi-Jews?

Islamic terrorism in Bali is the fault of the Bali-Jews?

Islamic terrorism in Africa is the fault of the Afro-Jews?

Islamic terrorism in America is the fault of the Ameri-Jews?

Islamic terrorism in Britain is the fault of the Angli-Jews?

Ask them how they feel about Jews. They will tall you:

"We Hates Zionist, not Jews."

You will also hear how they respect all religions.

This is a LIE.

They do not respect other religions.

Given that neither facts nor logic support that is simply an attack and libels on the Jews.

The Jews are (and were) traditional target for conspiracy theories and were not well placed to fight back. There were an easy target. Antisemitic attitudes had been rampant in Europe for centuries before today and even before the WWII.

If one looks closely at anti-Jewish claims and rhetoric, at the stereotypes, it becomes clear that the prejudices are fundamentally anti-modern.

People who get to be too successful aren't always liked. Those with no accomplishments and sub-human savage mentalities and actions are resentful of those whose technological and economic gains are light years beyond their comprehension.

On the other hand, some people are really needs tp get life. Low life people, losers which can't take responsibility for their own life, need to find scapegoat to blame for their trubles.

And who are better than the Jews, to blame?

I've given up trying to understand why everyone hates the Jews. Although I tend to think I have a pretty good idea. I think it's because we gave the world a conscience with the Ten Commandments. Until then, they were perfectly happy coveting other people's wives and sleeping with their sisters or sheep.

The libels, false accusations, and the double standard that everyone takes for granted on the Jews is anti-Semitism.

Pure and simple hatred for the Jews.

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