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Israel's Radio - Listen to Israel's RadioAish.Com - Israel & JudaismIsrael & Judaism - Everything about Israel's politics and Judaism.
Religion Facts Judaism 101 - Great information on Judaism.
Middle East Conflict - Israel and the Middle East Conflict.
Ynet - Israel National News, the biggest Israeli newspaper.
Channel 7 - Israel National News
Jerusalem Post
Israel Ministry of Foreign AffairsIsrael Info Live TVJewish Virtual Library - All About Israel, Judaism and Zionism
Israel Info PleaseDebka - Politics of the Middle East.Israeli Music
Israel's TravelZionism Israel - All About Zionism and IsraelLiberty Pundits - Politics of the U.S
Masada 2000 - Israel and the Middle East ConflictTheodore World - Politics of the U.S
Investigate Islam - Getting Down the Secrets.
Palestinian Media Watch - Following the lies of the Palestinian MediaIDF's Spokesperson's - The official Youtube page.Zionism & Israel on the Web
Faith Freedom - Ali Sina, the voice of an Ex-MuslimIslam WatchJihad Watch - Following International Islamic Jihad.
Terrorism Awareness has shifted it's concentration to student and campus awareness.Front Page MagazineDaniel Pipes
Anti ChomskySamson Blinded - Politics of U.S and Israel.MidEast Truth
MidEast Web - Discovering the Middle East.Jawa Report Sights Seeing in Israel- Israel's Tourism
Latma TV- Satire & humor about Israel's politics.Subtitles of Hebrew SongsIsrael's History - War of Independence
The Wall of Truth - Middle East ConflictShalom Jerusalem - Politics of the Middle EastVirtual Tours - 3D photos of Israel
American Defense League- Protecting the Unalienable Right to Life, Liberty and Property.In the Name of Allah - Great site about Islam.Funny Videos
Anti-Semitism.NetJewish History MonthExposing False Zionist Quotes(Quote Busters)
Lies About The Middle East IssuesCIF Watch - Monitoring, exposing, and combating antisemitism, and the assault on Israel's legitimacy, at the Guardian and its blog. Next 3
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Jewish Internet Defense Force
Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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