Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gog U-Magog

An amazing spiritual experience prepared by internationally acclaimed kabalists and produced by www.torahohr.net The prophecies for modern global terrorism and the Middle East conflict are in G-d's Torah, the bible. The forces of good and evil in the world are not coincidental but can be explained according to the esoteric teachings of Jewish mysticism (kabala). Arafat, who authored the books on air-hijacking and suicidal terrorism together with his cohorts i.e. Osama Bin Laden, Ahmadinejad, Nassarala, Saddam Hussein, the masters of iniquity, represent existential spiritual beings that are referenced to in most religions. Why are Israel and Jerusalem always their targets, whether directly or indirectly? It's obvious what unites the Muslim world of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya and most of the Arab world. It's their obsessed hatred of Zionists and rabid preoccupation with the destruction of Israel. Will there be any ultimate solution? Will their nuclear aspirations have any relevance to the ultimate outcome? Finally, what is G-d's message that He is sending to us through those satanic organs?

The books of the prophets, the Talmud and the tomes of Jewish spirituality predate the other traditions of Gog and Magog- Armageddon. This documentary of classic Judaica surpasses any chicken-soup which new-age meditation can offer to provide us with comfort and meaning in these times.


  1. It's amazing how wrong Jews are in the matter of their own torah. They mix kabal (words of men) with the word of God and then try to apply it to things that have already happened and it still doesn't match up to God's word...and they think they are correct in their analysis? Truly, God has kept them blind even now.

  2. Kwn, who said "Jews mix kabbalah (words of men) with the word of God? Kabbalah is a mystic book, nobody said it's the "word of G-d. You people don't even know what are you talking about before you're posting your stupidity.


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