Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Israel's Enemy

Israel's longtime enemy, and its enemy today, is of the very same terror that was launched on us on Sept.11,2001.... but, if less confounding, more routine and more tolerated. It is the world's acceptance of the routineization of this killing of Jews that has so affronted Israel, its allies, and others like myself.

It is time to show that Jewish blood is NOT cheap and those who shed it will pay a tremendous price!

And the Lord said to Jacob... "Unto thy offspring will I give this land."

The Palestinians want to wipe Israel, the Jews, totally off the face of the earth, and God's not going to let that happen,. His word declares that. If we choose a path that helps undermine Israel's national security, we're going to be working to do something that's opposed to the will of God.

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