Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jihad: According to the Quran and the Hadith

The West is engaged in what has become known as “the war on terror." It seems like a noble endeavor. But the very name indicates a failure to grasp the true root cause of the problem. Only Muslims — and a few informed non-Muslims — understand that it is in actuality the inevitable conflict between Islam and the entire free world. And it is not a war that will be over any time soon. Today, with international travel, the information super highway, and the unwillingness of our leaders to acknowledge the true root of the problem, non-Muslim countries will continue to experience jihad — Islamic holy war against the "infidels."

Jihad has not only produced riots, regional battles, and terror campaigns; it has not only spawned an army of people willing to be martyred for its cause; it has now resulted in nothing less than a real World War. And Muslims who participate in this new war do so because it is encouraged — in fact commanded — in both the Quran and the Hadith.

Featured Scholars

Dr. Robert Morey - Author of more than twenty-five books, including Islamic Invasion, Dr. Robert A. Morey has earned degrees in Philosophy, Theology, and Christian Apologetics (Westminster Theological Seminary).
Dr. Justin Alfred – Professor of Semitic languages; Coastland Christian Bible College and University
Father Zackariah – Ecumenical Evangelism Society; a Coptic Christian from Africa with a lot of first-hand experience with Muslim expansionism
George Saieg – Arabic Christian Perspective

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