Monday, January 10, 2011

Much Gratitude to the Friends of Israel

I would like to take this opportunity to give much gratitude to the people who support Israel and who do not fear to support the truth that most of the world chooses to ignore.

The IDF is the most humane army in the world; you'll never find another army that notifies innocent civilians before bombing an area from which operates enemy combatants. You will never see another army that drops flyers to warn the enemy's citizens and the terrorist with them before dropping bombs. You will never see another army that meets blockade runners, (the flotilla of "peace") with paintball guns - and do you know why?

Because we have regard for human life and we have morals!

It is a shame that the world refuses to see this and prefers to pity the "Palestinians" sending their children to suicide bomb us, thereafter condemning us for self-defense; a right that's given to any other country and people without question.

God bless Israel and the Jewish People: We will never leave Israel, our only home while the Arabs have twenty-two states and the Muslims have forty-seven.

One day, the world will awaken, as it did to the threat of Hitler after Munich - and discover that Islam is not just after all of Israel's land - it wants to conquer the entire world.

Thank you very much all the friends of Israel, your support is much appreciated. God bless you, walk in peace and come in peace.

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