Sunday, February 20, 2011

Israel Longhorn Project

Shalom John,
I promise to help them with the Israel Longhorn project. Help me keep that promise.

Please watch these 2 videos:

Shomer Israel

(Despite these attacks we are still will be helping Israeli, Palestinian and Bedouins Ranchers and Farmers and East Africa)

I just learned from Yoel Zilberman and his Dad that their ranch and other Ranches, Moshavim and Kibbutzim in the northern Galilee are being attacked by local Israel Arabs.

Cattle are mutilated, killed and or stolen. Ranch faculties, feed supplies are destroyed. Ranchers and their families are attacked. Pastureland is being forcefully taken and stolen. Farmers and ranchers are going bankrupt due to these attacks and giving up the land, the land that you bought for them through the JNF.

I have promised to help them. You can help me keep that promise by helping us bring Texas Longhorn Cattle to the Galilee cattle that can help by defend itself with their horns and natural instincts. See details at

1. We will use Texas Longhorn Cattle to help the Ranches.

2. We will use students graduates for Israeli Agriculture high School to help the Farmers work with the cattle. And Volunteers from Israel and Chol (international).

3. Yoel Zilberman organization, The New Shomerim, will be responsible for security for the students and Ranches in the Northern Galilee.

4. Everything is organized, all we need is the money. It is all right and even preferred that this becomes a Israeli government project.

Robin Rosenblatt
Israel Longhorn Project
Address: 815 Hill St. # 5
Belmont CA 94002
Tel: (650) 631-9270 / 03.722.6108
Website: Israel Longhorn Project


  1. This is my sacred Mission. You can join this mission by helping with a donation.

  2. Israel needs cattle that fit the desert enviornment, that can eat the desert shurbs, and use there horns to protect themselsve and their calves that breed of cattle is Texas Longhorn.
    Everything is organized all that is needed now is the funds / donations to make this a reality. This is a sacred mission that all of you can be part of.


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