Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scientific Proof of God

Proof of God can be found in science. In this documentary you will find scientific proof God exists. This movie will fascinate you with the wonders of creation. With the advancement of science we now have now have enough quantifiable facts to prove that God exists. Watch, enjoy and explore :)

Many people assume that there is no proof of God because how can you prove the non-physical? Watch this video and you will find all the proof you need to make a rational decision. There is indeed proof.

Some say if there was proof of God we would have no free will - everyone would believe. However this is not true. People know without a shadow of a doubt that smoking cigarettes kills yet they still do it anyway. There can be proof of God in the world without it overwhelming mankind to the point that they can no longer choose not to believe. Examine the proof and decide for yourself. Enjoy the ride and keep searching :)

DVD version here: http://bit.ly/54r6Zn

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