Thursday, April 28, 2011

Israel Foreign Policy Manuel Project

The Foreign Policy Manual Project has created this Foreign Policy Manual in order to provide the Israeli government with a comprehensive, Zionist “rights based” foreign policy. Israel is currently facing a diplomatic disaster, due to its self-defeating foreign policy positions, based on the false premise that surrendering Israel's national rights will advance Israel's quest for peace. The fault lies not in Israel's failure to explain its policies, but in their substance. The Foreign Policy Manual Project proposes to act as think tank, which can provide Israel with a winning strategy in dealing with its enemies. Support for the Foreign Policy Manual Project is greatly encouraged. Comments, criticisms, and new ideas are welcome. November 10, 2010 For more information on the Foreign Policy Manual Project: Contact: Alan M. Lurya, Esq.(949) 440-3230

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Foreign Policy Manual 11-10-10

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