Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anti-Semitic OWNED on Youtube!

Hasn't Steve Pallister been locked up before? That guy needs some serious meds and should not be allowed anywhere near a computer. The walls of solitary confinement would be too good for that guy. Hell, he LOOKS insane; he never quit promoting anti-Semitism also when the Australian police put him behind bars time after time and he get time after time sue at the court by the Australian anti-Defamation League. He is sending death threat to people on Youtube and put money on their head for killing them, this guy should be behind bars for good.

Well he's officially lost it...

Please keep reporting Steve Pallister to the Australian police at:

Address: 449 Nicholson Road, Canning Vale, WA , 6155
Phone number: +61-8-9456 9555

Direct Email:

Through their website:

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