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Learn Palestinian Psychological Warfare

Since the first intifada to "Facebook in 2011 intifada, Palestinian have executed successful psychological warfare. We can draw a map of the messages prior to September

by Ron Schleifer

The Oslo accords were the most significant political achievement of the Palestinians, but psychological warfare remains their primary means for achieving political goals.

Operational paralysis that gripped Israel over the years is a direct result of psychological warfare campaign of violence waged by the Palestinians integrated successfully end the first Intifada and "Facebook in 2011 intifada."

The Palestinian purpose was to discourage the Israelis, to embarrass them, stick a wedge between them and persuade them historical justice requires repair a historic wrong. The fence in Bil'in , the academic boycott in Britain and Sweden's blood libel on the soldiers harvested organs of the Palestinians - are classic cases of executing psychological warfare by the book.

Here are some basic principles of Palestinian psychological warfare:

1. Art stretching rope - a gradual violent activities such as mortars, rockets and Grad. Every step is another hoax base of the stretching rope art tactic. So accustomed to Israel in the next few years its bombed southern region regularly and the steps being taken are mostly on the defensive basis. When Israel wakes up, it will be too late and she finds out that her hands are tied.

2. Evasion from taking of responsibility - at any time that an action was done that has a potential of causing damage to themselves, the Palestinians hurried to disregard their responsibility of their execution and to accuse someone else, in general Israel. Arguments like these accuses Israel, that after all/then it's impossible to be talked with "person" who is not rational. It was thus in the event of the driver that galloped to the a hitchhike's station and amongst people in the junction of the French's hill in Jerusalem and was shot. The Palestinians claimed that Israel is not discern between road accident to terrorist attack. Arafat claimed (March1996) that the attack in the bus's line 18 in Jerusalem executed Rahvam Zeevi.

3. The creation of opportunity and using of opportunity - promotion of false accusation in event from the start to his end and demands of committee for events like the Turkish Flotilla, the affair of Mohammed a-Dura, etc which were a pure provocations. There are also cases in which Palestinians want to use the event for production propaganda's profit: Every injury of Palestinian is an "attempt of annihilation", "ethnic cleansing", every conventional reaction of Israel and a routine patrol of Israeli Army is "an action of raid".

In June 2006, went a family from Gaza to travel in the beach and hurt from an old shell. The Palestinians exploited the event in order to accuse Israel in shooting of artillery from the sea to the family on the beach. Only few weeks later confessed the girl of the family on her bed in the hospital that her father played with an old shell he found on the beach.

4. Collapsing the systems of the enemy - the target : To create a load, expenses, to encumber on functioning and as such to represent helplessness and lack of the strengths of the government in the treatment of solving the problems. The "collapsing of systems" includes false alarms of rescue organizations, dummy bombs or information that brought to close streets and roads in order to פluck the nerves of the drivers. Announcements of speaker of Hamas that soon likely terror attack raises the tension in Israeli Army, in the police and in Shabak, causing sometimes to cancell holidays in the security system and causes a chain reaction of tension and nervousness in the public.

5. Demonization - The horror propaganda against Israel came to represent Israel as a satanic country that executing war crimes in the Palestinian population and acting not in the accepted norms between countries.

When Hillary Clinton visited in Gaza Strip in November 1999, Soha Arafat informed her that Israel is poisoning the Palestinians with gas which is a pure lie. In addition, Hamas claimed that darkening Gaza by Israel prevents the activation of the incubators in Peggie. But Hamas "forgot" to tell that he is firing Grad missiles to the power station in South Ashkelon which supply electricity to Gaza.

In the historical vision there is no a renewal in the psychological Palestinian warfare, except for combination of the suicide bombers. The things had been done in the past and they are overt for all. The thing that pleases by the discipline of the Palestinian's psychological warfare is that the rules and the techniques is foreknown.

What remaining to the planners in the arms of the security is "to place in the formula" and to receive the outline that is futuristic of the psychological Palestinian warfare. So, possible/given to sketch far and away of reasonable map of the messages that is futuristic of the authority towards September and after him, and to prepare/take place/accordingly.

Additional Note:
“We plan to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. . . . We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.”
~ Yasser Arafat ~

Poster Note:
This article has been written in Hebrew and translated by me. Sorry for the errors in the translation.

DR. Ron Schleifer, head of the institute to the security and communication in school to the communication, the academic center Ariel. This column including part of conclusions of study that checked the psychological palestinian warfare in the last decade that was published in the frame of the institute to the security and communication.

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