Thursday, May 26, 2011

Muslim Sensibilities? Please!

by Allen Scott

Sunday May 1, 2011 was a great day in America and it should have been a great day for freedom-loving, peaceful, compassionate people all over the world. Why was Sunday May 1 such a great day for America and civilization? The world's most wanted was killed. Shot dead! Removed from the land of the living. Sent off to receive his eternal punishment. His body fed to the fishes. Swallowed up in Davy Jones's locker. Osama Bin Laden has left the planet for good. And that is a good thing.

Our military however was forced to give this murdering madman a 40-minute solemn Muslim ceremony out of respect for Muslim sensibilities. Well, I thought Osama Bin Laden was not recognized in the Muslim community as a Islamic figure. I thought he represented a "fringe" group of radical Muslims; therefore why should the mainstream Muslim community care a whit if one of these radical, religious zealots was eliminated from the planet? They should be cheering along with the rest of the world that this murdering madman was KIA. Apparently this is not the case. No one can do anything without first checking with a Muslim cleric to see if it is acceptable and does not offend their sensibilities.

I mean seriously, did we dignify Adolf Hitler with a fine Christian burial? I can understand respect for the dead, but for a madman who thinks so little of innocent human life that he ordered the mass murder of thousands on 9-11? I am sorry but I have very little respect for such a lowlife.

Should we pause every time we sentence a child killer or mass murderer to check and see how his family or religion feels about a death sentence? Should we give him a place of honor in our ceremonies? Should we make laws to be sure that we do not insult his sensibilities?

Where were the Muslim sensibilities to the thousands of innocent human lives snuffed out on 9-11? Why must the United States have to travel halfway around the world to take out their garbage? Why aren't these peace-loving, sensitive, Isl?mic clerics outraged at the killing of innocent victims by a madman? Why is there no outcry from these Muslim Clerics to the mass murdering of Christians in their own backyards? Why are these nations not cleaning up their own houses before throwing stones at ours?

Do not give me this Muslim sensibilities nonsense. They showed no sensibility to the victims of 9-11 when they proposed a huge mosque be built in the shadow of Ground Zero. They did not bother to check with the victims' families to see how they might feel about this huge Muslim presence on top of the ashes of their loved ones.

Why not release the pictures of the now deceased Osama Bin Laden? The newspapers released pictures of American soldiers killed by Muslims. I even recall the pictures of Saddam Hussein's hanging. I really do not give a rip how these Muslims feel about the United States' actions in regards to Bin Laden. The only thing I want the radical Muslims to feel is fear. I want to so awaken their sensibilities that they think twice about ever attacking an America citizen anywhere in the world ever again. I want them to fear the full force of our military breathing down their collective necks every time they even whisper a threat toward the United States. I would like to plaster their Mosques with huge posters of a dead Osama with the stern warning that this is what happens to radical Muslims who kill innocent Americans.

WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE! Preferably dead, thank you very much. Tell me, how much better off would the world be if there were fewer Osama bin Ladens around? How much better off would the world be if all radical Muslim jihadists were reduced to a minority?

In all fairness every society has its share of bad seeds, but the Middle East is drunk on the blood of Muslims killed by other Muslims. This blood lust has gone on for centuries; even before America was a nation Muslims were killing Muslims. Today the Middle East is aflame with Muslim-on-Muslim violence. Christians are marked for extermination; Israel is a target for annihilation. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Tunisia, Somalia – the list is large of the Muslim nations whose histories are marred by bloodshed. From all accounts this would seem to be the norm for these Islamic nations.

Where there is a semblance of peace the population cowers in fear of their government, because dissenters are murdered in the streets, killed by their own government authorities. Women are treated like property and fathers are permitted to stone their own daughters to death in some Muslim societies. Truth be told that kind of behavior offends my sensibilities.

Attempts to Christianize Muslim cultures are met with fierce opposition, persecution, imprisonment, and death. These bloodthirsty murderers roam about seeking whom they may devour and justify it as defending Islam. They cry offense while murdering anyone w dares challenge their prophet or religion.

Well then Muslim sensibilities be damned. Do unto them as they have done unto others. Let them be judged according to their own actions. If they want respect and understanding perhaps they should show the same to others. Like Jesus said, "All who take up a sword will perish by a sword." (Matthew 26:25 HCS) Perhaps that will offend some Muslim sensibilities as well. So be it!

There I said it, and I meant it! What say you?

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