Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Hate Israel

Great series of short videos about Israel, Palestine and the Middle East Conflict. Debunking the lies of the so called 'Palestinian' and the entire Muslim world. To the Jew haters, you might get the facts straight and stop making fool of yourself. Enjoy watching!

1) I Hate Israel - Zionism

A Jewish nation is unique in being Jewish. A review of the dozens of christian and Muslim countries in the world and the history of Zionism

2) I Hate Israel - Murderer

A review of capital punishment around the Middle East

3) I Hate Israel - Racism

Double standards for Israel

4) I Hate Israel - Gaza Blockade

The Gaza blockade compared to the blockade of Cuba

5) I Hate Israel - The UN Told Me So

The UN track record on reviewing world abuses really only focuses on Israel.

6) I Hate Israel - Right of Return

A description of the Law of Return in global context

7) I Hate Israel - Security Wall

The security border has been a big step forward for those parties seeking a two-state solution

8) I Hate Israel - Persecuting Christians

A review of the current state of Christian persecution in the Middle East

9) I Hate Israel - Displacing People

A comparison of the population of arabs and jews in the middle east with global trends

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