Saturday, November 12, 2011



To All Civilized Peoples In General, The United States In Particular And To Everyone Else Who Thought The Arabs And Islamic Jihadists Were ONLY After Israel And The Jews...


Transforming a Nazi swastika into the crescent of Islam is beyond the graphic designer's skills. However, we have friends out there who can.

The barbaric behavior of Arab/Palestinian/Muslim extremists has undeniable similarities to the German Nazis. For examples...

1. Consider This: The Palestinian National Authority emblem [left] has an uncanny resemblance to Hitler's Nazi emblem [right].

Nazi Egypt

2. Consider This: His Ugliness Arafat [left] has mannerisms reminiscent of Herr Hitler [right].


3. Consider This: Yasser Arafat's first and most important mentor was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini [seen below in Berlin with Hitler]. The Haj was also Arafat's uncle! The Grand Mufti had sided with Hitler during World War II and openly identified with Hitler's ambitions regarding the destruction of Europe's Jews. The Mufti hoped then, as his nephew, Arafat, and others like him hope today... to annihilate the Jews of Israel! The Arabs' barbaric and uncontrollable urges to slaughter Jews is no less irresistible than that of the Nazis before them!

4. Consider This: Only Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin have caused more death and misery to the Jewish People!


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