Sunday, February 26, 2012

Indonesia – Brutal Lynching of Ahmadiyya Muslims by Mullahs

WARNING - Hard Graphic - This is not the first nor last video of brutal lynching from Indonesia (check out this Lynching of Two Alleged Thieves Video for introduction to Indonesia). The most populous Muslim country in the world is an expert at expressing how peaceful their religion really is. What’s amazing about Muslims is how it’s often the entire community that joins violence when there is an opportunity (rhyming unintentional). 1,500 Muslims came to have their kick at men in the video below.

This video contains footage of Mullahs, who are clerics or otherwise respected practitioners of mainstream Islam, brutally lynching the living bejeezus out of three Ahmadiyya Muslims. It’s basically Muslims lynching Muslims for being members of Islamic movement they don’t consider pure. It took place in Indonesian province of Banten, in the community of Cikeusik on February 6, 2011. All three lynched Ahmadiyya men were killed in the name of Allah.

Ahmadiyya Muslims are a minority in Indonesia, as are Christians. Incidents of religious violence in which Muslims attack Christians are very common in Indonesia, but this case of Muslims attacking Muslims cast a whole new light on the religion of peace in this South East Asian country. A few days later, elsewhere in Java, a different mob of Muslims burned down three Christian churches as retaliation for Indonesian court only handing down the harshest sentence available to a Christian man for distributing leaflets they deemed insulting to Islam. Sentencing the man to 5 years in prison, which by law is the harshest sentence for this type of crime in Indonesia, was not good enough for Muslims who demanded death penalty.
Indonesian law guarantees freedom of religion, but as can be seen from the video, the pitiful response of the police to uphold the law and protect practitioners of religions other than Orthodox Islam makes the law laughable and ineffective.



  1. im muslim, but if allah give me comand to cut head of that man wear stoning that innocence people... X i would done that... even they muslim.., a zalim muslim...


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