Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gaza Concentration Camp Suffering Continues

By Brian of London

While I am able to drive around in silent, smooth electric vehicle luxury (without a care in the world about how far my battery will take me) those poor, opressed Palestinians in the Concentration Camp Gaza are forced to suffer with noisy, slow, smelly cars like this brand new BMW:

This photograph was tweeted out by the IDF Spokesperson, Avital Leibovich a while back but it’s just one of the many deliveries of goods that flow smoothly into Gaza after Israel conducts the necessary checks on what is going in. Even goods (such as fertilisers) that can be used to make rockets that rain down on our citizens, are allowed in after checks. The cruelty is overwhelming.

Al-Quds International Hotel And Restaurant

By Aussie Dave

Inspired by the Gaza mall photos, I will endeavor to feature various facilities from Gaza, with the aim of providing readers with a glimpse into the real Gaza, which is anything but a concentration camp as some claim.

My point is not that there is no hardship in Gaza, but rather that the situation is a far cry from what is being presented by the palestinians, their supporters and the mainstream media.

Introducing Gaza’s Al-Quds International Hotel And Restaurant.

More Photos From “Concentration Camp” Gaza

By Aussie Dave

Here’s an Arabic website that shows many of the wonderful places in what the anti-Israel crowd claim is the world’s “largest concentration camp” - Gaza (hat tip: Danny Ayalon)

Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, Gaza Strip

By Brian of London

We all know that the “Concentration Camp” Gaza Strip today, under the strict oversight of Hamas is a Sharia compliant fun land of happy free women, walking around completely nude (underneath heavy black burkahs and veils of course).

But can you imagine a time, not so long ago, when evil, oppressive Israeli military forces commanded that British gentleman’s magazines must be able to shoot nude pictorials on the beaches! The indignity, the offence, the affront to feminist sensibilities. How could those evil Zionist pigs get away with freedoms like that?

Well they did and, through methods of research and subterfuge that he will not go into, Brian of London has carefully prepared a few of these images in such a way as to be publishable on the family safe Israellycool site.

For what it’s worth, here is the “writing” that accompanied these magnificent shots of the beautiful Gaza beaches (you were looking at the scenery right?). The feature was imaginatively named “Gaza Strip”. Oh they were really good the guys who came up with this stuff!

Obviously, however, they better not strip in the Gaza Strip anymore or Sharia police will catch them. You won’t be finding many nude women on the beaches of Gaza today!


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