Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hijacking the Holy Land - FULL MOVIE

'Hijacking the Holy Land' is a feature documentary that takes you behind the headlines and past the media bias against Israel.
Aiming to expose the truth behind the Middle East peace crisis, this documentary examines Palestinian government, educational and religious bodies that many claim promote hatred against Israel even as they talk of peace to the media.

This translates in to blatant bad faith, as they have been negotiating with Israel while operating a total war against the democratic state. The declarations made to the press are yet another entirely fraudulent aspect of this campaign that aims at nothing short of destroying Israel as an opening round of the efforts to reestablish the global caliphate both as revenge for the loss of the Ottoman Empire and due to religious compulsion of Islam to spread their beliefs by force when they have enough military power to do so. The prescient stage is known as "hudna" or strategic cessation of violence to allow building up resources for the soonest possible offensive phase. In fact one of the last caliphs, Mehmed V Reshad, declared a Jihad against the British and French at the outset of WWI as they joined the Germans.

Although hundreds of hours of history are required to debunk the lies and myths that have covered the facts in Israel funded by trillions of dollars of oil-wealth, you have to start somewhere. Using a timeline, the best starting point is probably this film here, which seems timely in view of the Palestinian Authority's effort to continue this moral equivalence that implies building settlements on public land at strategic points for security is to Israelis what suicide bombers are to Palestinian Islamic imperialists.

What does that mean? It means in rough terms that suicide bombers are not ideal, but after all, the Israelis are building on public land that the Palestinians simply assume is theirs even before establishing any of the de facto requirements of a state. It would be like a parent getting accused of stealing from a college fund of a child that has not yet been conceived.

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