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Sabra and Shatilla, Damour, and Karantina Massacres

Karantina Massacre

The Karantina massacre took place early in the Lebanese Civil War on January 18, 1976. With the breakdown in authority of the Lebanese government the militancy of radical factions increased. Black Saturday preceded Karantina by six weeks. Karantina was a predominantly Muslim slum district in Christian east Beirut controlled by forces of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), inhabited by Kurds, Syrians, Armenians and Palestinians. The fighting and subsequent killings also involved an old quarantine area near the port and nearby Maslakh quarter. Karantina was overrun by the Lebanese Christian militias, resulting in the deaths of approximately 1,000-1,500 people. After Kataeb Regulatory Forces (KRF), Guardians of the Cedars (GoC), NLP Tiger militia and Lebanese Youth Movement (LYM) forces took control of the Karantina district on 18 January 1976, Tel al-Zaatar was placed under siege. The Damour massacre was a reprisal for Karantina.

 Damour Massacre

Islamists "Palestinians" massacre of Christians in Damour that brought Christian Arabs killing "Palestinians" in Sabra Shatila. You might have only heard about the massacre at Sabra Shatila through a pro "Palestinian" propagandist that have one, and nothing but one issue, no, nothing that has to with justice whatsoever, but to persecute Israel and denigrate it. It is only natural that they blame ANYTHING on the Zionists, even though the only connection to the case where Arab Christians killed the Arab Palestinians in Sabra Shatila is the "charge" that Sharon did not prevent the Arab Christians from doing that... in other words Sharon did not rush to help the "Palestinians"... Truth is however, that not much is known what proceeded it, the Damour Massacre is almost not talked about, it was one of the major reasons why the Arab Christians in Lebanon decided the had enough with the "Palestinian" continuing crimes in coordination with Syria's occupying forces, in their country.

Sabra and Shatila Massacre

The 1982 massacre of Palestinian innocents at Sabra & Shatilla was committed in revenge for a massacre of Christians by Palestinians 6 years earlier at Damour in Lebanon. That massacre in turn was revenge for a previous one by Christians. All were part of a savage civil war. Ariel Sharon was cynically blamed by PLO propagandists and Israeli hard leftists, but he was cleared of responsibility by a Jury in New York. Israel's government commission also cleared him of direct responsibility but chided him for not preventing the crime committed by others, an exceptionally high standard.

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List of Lebanese Massacres

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