Monday, August 1, 2011

Understanding the Islamic Threat

The greatest threat facing the civilized world today is its own ignorance about Islam.

Unfortunately for Muslims, and considerably more so for the rest of the world, Islam is extremely strict and uncompromising, as to the loyalty and dedication of its members. Any revelation of Allah (through the prophet Muhammad) must be taken as a holy mandate, and can only be amended, or superseded, by another revelation. This has seldom occurred. All verses of the Koran and the Haddith urging death or subjugation of infidels are still in place. Since secular jurisprudence is practically nonexistent in the Muslim world, the inflexible code of the Shari'a rules.

From the 7th century, and to the present, the openly stated goal of Islam is to bring the entire world into Dar Al-Islam, or the "peace" of Islam. This is a clearly defined condition under which no other system is tolerated. For Islam, any society not willing to subjugate itself, to complete Islamic authority has automatically placed itself in a state of war, or Dar Al-Harb, with Islam. Absolutely no other provocation is necessary!

This is a unique concept, but for Muslims appears to be entirely logical. Their reasoning seems to be that since Allah (Muhammad) has given mankind the perfect recipe for living on earth, any society opposing His (Allah’s / Muhammad’s) holy mandates is undeserving of any consideration whatsoever. Therefore, those unenlightened souls have only themselves to blame for the consequences of not accepting Allah and Muhammad as His Last and Most Perfect Prophet. That the consequences for these “unenlightened” entail genocide, rape and slavery, as well as a host of other denigrating conditions is, in the eyes of Muslims, only their just desserts.

As used by Islam, an intermediate condition, between Peace and War, is Dar Al Sulh. Dar Al-Sulh exists while Islam is attempting to gain sufficient power before fully launching into Dar Al-Harb. Europe, though mostly in the state of Dar Al-Sulh, is entering more into Dar Al-Harb as Muslims gain more political and demographic power. The train bombings of Spain in the Spring of 2004 and those of the London transit system in the Summer of 2005 are good examples. As Muslims grow in power, such terrorist acts will become more common.

In the United States, since we have only an estimated 1.5 to 2.0 million Muslims (growth to 7 million in 2010), Dar Al-Sulh still predominates but the seeds of our society’s destruction are already well sown. Any Muslim, if called upon to commit a treasonous act by his imam, against his host country, is faced with the choice of being an apostate in the eyes of his religion, or a traitor to his adopted country. Faced with this choice, many will become traitors! Regardless of any affection a Muslim might feel towards the society of his adopted country, accepting the consequences of a charge of sedition or treason, in our world-wide politically correct society, would, for most Muslims, be considerably less consequential than betrayal of Islam.

When a Muslim betrays his host country, and is discovered, he or she can count on an excellent defense team, funded by any one of several Muslim-front organizations operating within the host country. And, more than likely, unless a considerable number of people die as a direct result of the Muslim’s traitorous act, he or she, if even convicted, would not receive a death sentence.

On the other hand, a Muslim refusing to betray a host country, would more than likely be branded an apostate, the unforgivable sin, and punishable by death! And, a Muslim cannot be expected to renounce his entire heritage, and therein, lies the danger that Muslims present to any host country. If a Muslim decides to cooperate with law enforcement, when asked to betray his host country, he or she faces certain loss of his religion, the possible loss of family and friends, and perhaps even the loss of his or her own life. But regardless of whether a Muslim takes a pro-active role in terrorist activities, it is naive to believe that Muslims terrorists would not be helped by their fellow believers.

Islam is what it is, and Muslims are what they are; no amount of wishful thinking will make it otherwise!

Be Aware, Be Prepared, Be Enlightened

Masada 2000

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